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Today's work environment is constantly changing, but the need for start-up and small business owners to convey a professional image and control costs in order to grow their businesses remains unchanged.

As businesses conduct more activities online and as the workforce becomes more mobile, having the ability to work at a remote site is becoming increasingly attractive. A virtual office allows for flexibility and more. To learn if a virtual office is right for your business, consider the following:

Professional image

  • More than a remote work site, a virtual office provides your business with a legitimate corporate address. Having a corporate address other than your home address or a post office box is important, especially if your company is incorporated. It can lend credibility as you interact with suppliers, creditors, and lenders.

  • A virtual office extends your professional image with a business telephone number, an answering service provided by personnel who have polished customer service and telephone skills, a personalized voice mail box, and other phone services such as call forwarding, corporate voice mail boxes, a fax number, etc. And it has the convenience of receiving your mail and packages.

  • It provides you with access to attractive conference rooms in professional surroundings and with all the tools needed to conduct meetings.

Cost Efficiency

  • It's important to have the resources you need on hand to conduct business. A virtual office eliminates upfront costs and time needed to set up an office. It provides you immediately with not only a corporate address but also with an attractive physical space and other benefits that are included in the fee. There is no need to budget for hiring and training office personnel, obtaining office cleaning personnel or other maintenance or upkeep requirements, and no need to purchase office equipment, furniture or other décor.

  • Unlike traditional office space leasing that may be binding with lease agreements and security deposits, the virtual office is short-term, secured by a monthly fee, and can be upgraded or downgraded as your business needs vary.

  • The one caveat to setting up a virtual office is to make sure your company information is consistent across all documents.

A Virtual Office Isn't for Everyone

The concept might not work for your business if:

  • you need to have face to face contact with your employees and/or customers

  • the telecommuting aspect of a virtual office doesn't fit your management style

  • you or your employees need the focus that an onsite work environment provides

  • you are unable to commit to the planning it can take to coordinate meeting space availability for your meetings.

For many businesses and start-ups, a virtual office conveniently solves the challenges with building and sustaining a professional presence without being restricted to a fixed location.

By paying for only the services you need, you'll find a virtual office to be a flexible and cost effective alternative to the costs of maintaining a traditional office.

The portability offered by its cloud and physical office services provides you with an image that your business is larger than it is. If your business relies on the internet, cell phone, and video conferences to communicate and provide goods and services, a virtual office offers convenience and ease of access to information and office space enabling you to conduct business at home and around the world.

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